Monday, February 6, 2012


        I remember what it was like the first time I drove into this area with my wife and family. It was around the first of February in 1985. I had never been to the East Coast and didn’t know what to expect. I knew about Jamestown and Williamsburg, but had never heard of Newport News or Poquoson. The area around Jefferson and I-64 had a couple of stores, a McDonalds and some car dealerships. Wal*Mart, Patrick Henry Mall, K-Mart, Kill Creek, and Victory Blvd were all in the planning stages. The area was either farm land or covered with woods. 
The population has probably grown by almost 200,000. No longer is the area’s economy solely dependent on the shipyard, NASA and the military. The area is thriving with activity from one end of Hampton Roads to the other. 
Back in 1985 my 69 Camaro SS and I were both in good shape. My children still lived at home and I had more hair on top my head (but, not much).  A lot has changed over the years.
The congregation has changed as well. There are only a couple families still here who helped start our church. With the mobile society we live in today, it seems like I have a new congregation every three or four years. Things sure change.
As we forge ahead in our lives, the same thing happens. Things change. As you look back, you can recall weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and job promotions. Nothing stays the same. Sometimes these changes are ones we look forward too, others not. Some are easy to deal with; others hard to face.
The one thing that does not change is our Lord. In the midst of all the changes we face in life, the Lord is the one thing we can count on. He does not change. His love and grace remain the same day in, day out, year in, year out.. His promise of forgiveness in Christ Jesus, his mercy, his help in time of need is constant. His constant presence is our comfort. He is there for us in time of temptation and trial. He is there to give us strength when we are weak. He is there to help us when we are afraid; to be with us when we feel alone. 
What a comfort it is to know that the Lord who loved Adam and Eve and promised them a Savior, the same Lord who renewed those promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; is the same Savior who is there for you today – everyday. He will be the same tomorrow as well. “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8) Thank God, some things just don’t change.