Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Look at how much God has given you!

The rancher was very poor, and life was hard. Many times he shook his fist at God and said, “God, if you really loved me, you would see my poverty and send some blessings my way.”  The years went by, and eventually the man died in poverty and bitterness. After a while the property was sold, and the new owner decided to have the land tested. Specialists were called in and soon confirmed the rancher’s hunch – there was oil under the barren soil, barrels and barrels of oil! The new owner became a millionaire overnight.
It was rather ironic. The first rancher had been so angry with God, while all along he was living on top of incredible wealth. The wealth was there he just didn’t realize it. 
I recently read this story and don’t know if it is true. It is not hard to imagine that this or something like this event has taken place. People often complain to and blame God when they think that he has not given them as much as they want or feel they need. Very often, they have what they are looking for and it’s only their shortsightedness that keeps them from seeing it.
God may have given them many opportunities to do something with their life. Hard work or getting an education may be just what we need to get the things we want out of life. But, we passed them up so we could take the “easy way.”  We weren’t ready to do what really needed to be done.
It may have been a job that we passed up because we wanted a better job. One with more pay. We weren’t willing to work our way up the ladder so we let the opportunity slip by. Unfortunately, it never came back. 
It is also true that we often waste so much time complaining about what we don’t have that we fail to see how many blessings God has sent our way. 
The greatest blessings are certainly the spiritual ones. Ironically, they are often the ones we overlook. When you and I were born, we were separated from Christ by our sins. He is holy. We are not. Our sins stood as a giant wall between us and God. 
That wall came down when water was poured on our heads and these words were spoken, “I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”  At that moment, God said to each one of us: “You are mine. You are a member of my family. All the blessings of my Son, Jesus are now yours, not just today but forever.”
Look away from the problems and frustrations of your day, and focus on the blessings that God gave you when you were baptized and made his own. These blessings are yours now and for all eternity.