Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Have you ever disappointed anyone?

              Have you ever disappointed anyone? I know I have. Now I am not talking about little things like forgetting to send them something I told them I would send. The disappointments I am taking about do not deal with bowling a bad game when the team needed me to do well. No, I am talking about things much more important.
I know that I have disappointed people when I didn’t do a good job on my Bible Class study or a sermon I preached because I didn’t spend enough time on it. I’ve disappointed people by not following through on some plans I made in my ministry. The biggest disappointments of all have to deal with my personal character as a pastor, husband, son, father, and brother. There are times when I’ve lost my temper, been selfish, lazy, and done things far worse, things I am too ashamed to mention.
I pray those I have disappointed, those who have counted on me to be something or to do something, have forgiven me even if I didn’t ask for that forgiveness or didn’t know that I’ve hurt them. I pray this especially true when it comes to my sins and failures that reflect on my service to the church, my spouse, and family.
While I may try to comfort myself in saying ‘I do well most of the time;’ or, ‘I’ve never murdered anyone, had an affair, or embezzled money from the church’. Scripture leaves no room for such excuses. It makes it clear all sins are displeasing to the Lord. All our sins are an offense to him and deserve his wrath and punishment. Bottom line is that we are all wretched sinners before the Lord and deserve nothing but his wrath and punishment. We have not only disappointed those around us, those who love us, friends, and family, we have disappointed the Lord.
There is only one who did not disappoint others – our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He alone is the one with whom the heavenly Father was “well pleased.” He alone did not sin. Our only hope is found in him, our Savior. Our only comfort is that Jesus did nothing to disappoint his Father in heaven and he did it in our place. He lived a righteous life because we can’t. He died so we might live.
As one of God’s children, through faith in Christ, my only comfort is that my sins against others and the Lord have been forgiven. While I can’t go back and undo all my sins, go back and get a second chance, I know that the love of God through Jesus Christ has declared me righteous and will welcome me into heaven.
           Until them, I pray that I will do better. I pray that each day the Lord will make me a better servant to the church I serve, a better witness to the lost, a better husband, friend, father, brother, and so on. All to his glory.