Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter opens doors!

            The words “open door” has a nice ring to it. It conveys the idea of opportunities, expansion, a new outlook on things. We may have an open door to a new and better job opportunity. A door might open for us to expand our business or to start a new company. In church work, an ‘open door’ means that we have access and opportunity to bring the gospel to a new mission field.
Today, I’d like to tell you about the open doors of Easter. Do you remember the story of the first Easter? On Good Friday, Jesus was put to death on the cross and buried in a grave. The grave was a tomb carved out of stone and sealed later with a large stone.
On Easter morning the greatest of all miracles took place. Jesus, who had been buried, came to life. An angel came down from heaven, rolled away the stone from Jesus’ grave, to reveal that it was empty. Christ had risen from the dead!
When the women and the disciples went to visit Jesus’ grave on Easter morning, they found the door of the tomb wide open and the grave empty.
That open door, with it’s message – “Christ is alive!” is the bedrock of our Christian faith. The empty tomb dried up the tears of those who mourned and brought joy to the hearts of those who grieved.
The open door of Christ’s tomb is also our assurance that all the promises God has made in his Word are true. One thousand years before Jesus rose from his grave, the psalm writer said that the body of God’s holy one (Jesus) would never see decay. Eight hundred years before Jesus rose, the three-day experience Jonah had in the belly of a great fish, was an object lesson that pictured the three day stay of Jesus in the grave. If ever there was proof that God’s Word is true, the empty tomb was it.
The open tomb is also an open door to confidence. The open door of the tomb means that the Lord’s job was completed successfully. His resurrection meant that his mission, the salvation of all souls, was accomplished.
The open door of the tomb also means that the gates to heaven and eternal life are open as well. That’s the focus of Easter and the message we proclaim year long. God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, into the world that we might have eternal life.
            The next time you think about ‘open doors,’ don’t forget the ones that Jesus opened by his resurrection from the grave. They are ones that will bring us the greatest blessings we can have in this life and the next. Christ is risen! Alleluia!