Sunday, June 2, 2013

How do you know if you are in love?

        It's June and time for weddings.  This month, more than any other, love birds will be saying "I do." as they exchange their wedding vows.  For some it was "love at first sight."  Others asked themselves over and over,  "How do I know if I'm in love?"
Love is something difficult to explain.  It is something that changes your entire outlook on life.  One of the first signs of being in love is that you think about that person all the time.  You think about how wonderful it is to be with them and how lonely you feel when you are apart.
Another sign of being in love is that you want the one you love to be happy.  You do things for them or bring them gifts; all in an effort to express your love.
If you love someone, you will also be ready to make great sacrifices for them.  In fact, the love we have for another may be so strong that we are willing to die for them if necessary.
By now you have certainly figured out that being in love with another person is similar to having love for God.  In fact, God often refers to his relationship to his people as that of a bride and a groom.
As we look at that relationship, we see many of the things which I mentioned above.  One aspect of love to which we referred was that we want to be with the one we love.  When we think of God's love for us, we certainly find this aspect of love.  God wants us to be with him always, not just "til death us do part" but forever.
God's love is also evident in his efforts to make us happy.  When God created Adam and Eve, everything he did for them was for their happiness.
When Adam and Eve fell into sin, God didn't just walk away.  He found a way to fix things.  It meant sacrifice. It meant that Jesus would suffer and die for our sins.   What greater love could there be than that which Jesus showed for us?  He endured the pain and torment of hell in our place.  But God's love didn't stop there.  He continues to help us, provide for our every need, and bless us in countless ways.
In return, we love God.  It is our response to the love he has shown to us.  We long to be with him as we join our fellow Christians in worship and prayer. We know we would be lost without him.  We know that having Jesus is more important than anything else in our life. 
What is love?  How can you tell if you are in love?  In our relationships with each other we may not always know for sure.  When it comes to God, we know he loves us.  Ask God to help you grow daily in your love for him.