Monday, September 23, 2013

Share the Savior with others. Angels will rejoice!

            In an old Peanuts cartoon, Lucy and Charlie Brown were talking. Lucy says to Charlie Brown, “I would have made a great evangelist.” Charlie Brown answers, “Is that so?” She says, “Yes, I convinced that boy in front of me in school that my religion is better than his religion.” Charlie Brown asked, “How did you do that?” And Lucy responds, “I hit him over the head with my lunch box.”
Telling others about our Lord and Savior is often not high on our list of things to do. We often feel ill equipped, afraid of rejection, or just plain apathetic. We are often intimidated by those who say that religion is ‘personal thing’. We’ll talk to them about their job, their latest date, their marriage problems but not about the one thing that helps us with it all, God’s Word and will for their lives.
Faith is a personal thing but it is not something we should keep to ourselves. It’s called the ‘gospel’ which means ‘good news’. Why would we want to keep good news to our self? If you found a new restaurant in town that served great food, you would be quick to share that news with others. Why would you want to keep the news about your Savior to yourself?
Sharing the Savior doesn’t mean you have to push a Bible in someone’s face, be rude or pushy. You don’t have to hit them over the head with your lunch box. The most effective way to share your faith is to let them see it in your everyday life; how you look to God for help when faced with life’s problems and thank God for your blessings. Let it be part of your conversation, something you talk about; not a subject you avoid.
When friends have problems, tell them ask them how you can help. When they are faced with an operation or serious health problem, lead them to seek God’s help in prayer. When they have problems with their marriage direct them to God’s Word where they will find guidance to resolve their problems. When they are troubled by their sins, tell them that Jesus died for their sins and they are forgiven. When they are faced with the prospect of death, tell them how Jesus takes away the fear of death and opens the door to eternal life.
In Luke chapter fifteen, we find three parables that Jesus told about the importance of seeking out the lost. That’s why Jesus came into this world. That’s why God sent his Son to be our Savior. That’s why Jesus laid down his life on the cross.
Take that message and share it with others! It will be the greatest gift you can ever give them. It will bring joy to your heart. And most importantly it will bring joy to the Lord and his angels. “I tell you, that there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents” (Luke 15:10).