Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christ is King – let him rule your life.

           I read a story about a young sentry who was on guard duty for the first time. He had orders not to admit any car unless it had a special identification seal on its bumper. About the middle of the night an unmarked car approached which the sentry quickly stopped. Inside the car was a general and his driver. When the sentry told them that they could not enter because the special seal was not on the car, the general got impatient and somewhat angry. He finally leaned over and told his driver not to worry just drive on through. When the sentry heard this he moved forward and asked the general, “I’m sorry to bother you sir, but I’m new at all this. Could you please tell me who I should shoot first, you or the driver?” This young sentry may have been new to his job but he knew what his job was. He knew what it meant to take orders and carry them out, to respect those in authority.
While we may not be in the military, we are expected to comply with those who have authority over us. That would certainly include our parents if we are children, the police, the local and state governments, etc. We submit to the authority of the IRS when we pay our taxes even though we may not like it.
The authority that I would like you to think about more seriously is the Lord, Jesus Christ. In fact, the Bible calls him the King of kings and Lord of lords. When Pilate questioned Jesus about this, shortly before Jesus’ crucifixion, Jesus replied, “You’re right when you say that I am a king” (John 18:37). What that means to us who follow Jesus is that he is our King.
The rule of a king is called a ‘monarchy’. There are roughly 200 countries in the world and about a fourth of them have some form of a monarchy. Most of these monarchs are figureheads with a parliament type body having the real power. In God’s kingdom, the power of Christ is supreme. His power is unlimited. He created everything that exists and sustains it with the power of his Word. With his power, he rules the world. He controls the forces of nature. He brings about the rise and fall, not only of the ocean tides, but the nations of the world. They all exist by his permission.
His desire is that as many people as possible would come to know him as their Savior before he returns on Judgment Day when it will be too late. As our King, he watches over us. He protects us from harm and danger. With his victory at Calvary, he defeated the Devil, freed us from the power of sin and death.
There is no king who has had such power, can do so much, or moved his people more. Do you recognize him as your King? Do you submit to his will as the Lord of your life or do you often go out and do “your own thing?” Do you trust him to save you and protect you? Do you believe that, according to his promise, he will turn your trials into blessings? Most important of all, do you take your sins, when you fall short, to his throne of grace and ask for his forgiveness? It’s yours. You have his promise on that.
Like the young sentry, don’t ever forget who is in authority. Always seek to do his will for Jesus Christ is the King of kings.