Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The key to a good night’s sleep

          My wife and I have a friend who just can’t sleep well if the window is not open.  Even in the winter she opens the window wide and turns up the electric blanket. My dad slept with the covers over his head. It could be ninety degrees out and he still put the sheet over his head.  He’d wake up dripping wet in sweat but he slept like a baby.
The key to a good night’s sleep for me is a good pillow. For years I had the perfect pillow. It was a feather pillow that had gone through many a pillow fight when I was away to school. It was no longer fluffy and full since the feathers had all broken down. My wife said it was filled with quills not feathers. I think she was right. I haven’t slept well since I left it at a motel on a family trip.
A long time ago, a man named Jacob had a rock for a pillow. He was the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham. He was on his way to his uncle Laban’s house to find a wife. The real reason he was making this journey was that his brother, Esau, wanted to kill him. Jacob had stolen Esau’s birth right, then schemed with his mother to get the blessing too. The blessing was no ordinary blessing. It was the promise that a great nation would come from his seed, that the land of Palestine would someday belong to his descendants, and that the Savior would come from his seed.
After all the dirty tricks that Jacob had pulled, he had to be wondering if God would still bless him. He didn’t have to wait long for the answer. No sooner had he started his journey when God came to him at Bethel (which means `the house of God’) and renewed the promises that he had made to Abraham and Isaac.  They were promises that Jacob needed to hear. Now he could take his journey with peace in his heart for God was with him.
There are times in our life when we may wonder if God is with us. Our sins may trouble us. We may not have been to church in a long time. We may simply believe God is not on our side.
In his Word, God comes to us and makes promises just wonderful as those he made to Jacob. He promises to be with us always, to forgive our every sin, to turn troubles into blessings. He promises to watch over us with his angels, to provide for our needs and much more.  Just open the Bible and read a bit.  You won’t be able to read far before you will run across these gracious promises of our Lord.
As we approach the somber Lenten season and our joyous celebration of Easter, we can’t help but think about the promise of Jesus that all who believe in him – “you shall never die but  have eternal life.” What a joy to know that when our life on this earth is over, our dear Lord will gather his children, every believer in heaven and earth, to live with him forever in glory.
As you go through your life, face difficult times, keep these promises of God before your eyes and in your heart. You will sleep in peace each night whether you rest your head on a soft pillow or a rock.