Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Written by Pastor Stuppy

December 30 2014

May the peace of Christ be yours in the New Year and forever!

Certainly one of the most beautiful words in the English language is the word "peace." Just the sound of the word brings comfort to the heart. The thought of peace is something many want more than anything else.

Peace is a word that is applied to many different things. To the person in pain, peace means relief. To a nation embroiled in war, peace means a stop to the fighting. To the aged and the ill peace may be finding rest in the grave. Peace means many things to many different people.

To find out what true peace is we need to go to one who is an authority on the matter. We go to Jesus. In Isaiah 9:6, the sacred writer calls him the "Prince of Peace." That is because only Jesus can bring real peace to our hearts. Without Jesus, such peace cannot be obtained.

One’s first thought when we hear the word peace is most likely war torn areas like Iraq and Israel. It seems like this area of the world has always been plagued with conflicts of one kind or another. Jesus said that until the end there will always be wars and rumors of wars. One conflict may end but others will begin.

What’s true in the world, however, is also true in our own lives. Peace, inner peace, is impossible to come by. Husbands and wives may get along for awhile but conflict is never far away. The potential for strife between parent and child is never gone either. Struggles at work, difficult decisions we must make, personal trials and problems, all seek to rob us of the peace. Even though we want it so desperately, peace, real peace, escapes us.

That’s what happens when we are looking for the wrong kind of peace and seeking to find it in the wrong place. The peace we need, real, lasting peace can only come from Jesus. As sinners, our conscience won’t let us rest. It reminds us over and over that we have sinned. We can find no peace. We are reminded that sooner or later we must stand before God on Judgment Day. Again, we can find no peace. That’s where Jesus comes in.

If you want peace, go to the Prince of Peace, to Jesus. That is why Jesus, the Christ-child, came into the world. Your Savior and mine! Rejoice! The King, the Savior, the Prince of Peace came for you and me!

There is a lot a talk about peace in the world around Christmas time and the New Year. Yet, there is no real and lasting peace without Christ. If you want real peace, look to Jesus, the Christ-child as your Lord and Savior. May this peace be yours now, in the year ahead, and forever!