Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Use your gifts to the glory of God!

May 20, 2015

One night May Lemke was awaken to the sound of someone playing a piano in the other room.  She got up to investigate because only she, her husband, a young son lived there. To her amazement, it was her son Leslie, who was playing. He was not only playing but playing one of the symphonies of Tchaikovsky and to her amazement was playing it perfectly note for note. She was amazed because Leslie had never sat at the piano before. He had never had a lesson. In fact, Leslie could barely get around, could not speak and could barely feed himself.
Leslie was abandoned as a baby and the Lemke’s took him in. The doctor's said that they should not waste any time on him since he would not live long and he would never amount to anything because of all his medical problems.
Some of that was true. He had many problems. For many years he couldn't do anything. He was blind. He couldn’t walk, speak, or feed himself. Only after days, months and years of working with Leslie did he finally begin to do such things. His ability to speak did not come for years.  Yet, here he was in the middle of the night, playing a Tchaikovsky symphony, something he had heard not long before.
Like the character portrayed by Dustin Huffman in the movie "Rain Man" Leslie had a gift. His gift was in music instead of mathematics. Leslie's mind is like a tape recorder. Any song he hears he can play - note for note. He needs no practice, only to hear the song once and it is filed away forever in his mind.
Many years ago, on national television, when asked why he thought he was able to do something so amazing, he declared that it was a gift from God and to his glory.
How can someone, anyone, do such amazing things with so many handicaps?  It is truly to the glory of God. But, in reality, it is no more amazing than learning to walk, to speak, to read a book, to analyze a problem, to write a poem, or do any one of the countless things we learn to do over a life time.
Like Leslie, we need to remember that "Every good and every perfect gift" comes from God. The abilities we have are not something we can take credit for. We can waste them. We can use them; develop them. Yet, they are gifts from God.
Let us never cease to marvel at what God has done in someone like Leslie but let us never cease to marvel at what he has done in us as well.  Thank God for your gifts and use them, like Leslie, to the glory of God.

 Written by Pastor Stuppy