Thursday, December 24, 2015



“He knows if you’ve been naughty or nice.”

“You’d better be good or Santa won’t bring you anything for Christmas!” Many a parent has used these words to warn a child that Santa sees all and knows all. It’s usually used by parents to get their excited children to behave in the days and weeks prior to Santa’s arrival. According to the Christmas song, Santa “knows if you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good; so be good for goodness sake.”
How would you feel if someone really knew everything about you? What if they knew your strengths and weaknesses; your troubles; your most private thoughts? That might trouble us if the one who knew all this was not our friend. If it were someone who liked us, it would not bother us as much. What if the person who knew everything about you was someone who loved you with all their heart; someone who cared about you deeply and could help you in any way needed?
Christmas announces the arrival of someone who can do all this and more. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, God’s dear Son. Because Jesus is God, he knows when you’ve been “bad or good” – “naughty or nice.” Jesus knows when you’re tired and frustrated, excited or disappointed. He knows and understands everything that is going on in your life. He knows you better than you know yourself.
Are you facing problems? Jesus understands. He was born in poverty and had to flee from King Herod, who was trying to kill him. Are you being treated unfairly? Is a friend turning against you? Jesus was betrayed and forsaken by his own disciples. He was denied by Peter and betrayed by Judas. He was beaten and put to death by those whom he came to save. God is not oblivious to our problems. Jesus knows what is going on in the world and more importantly what’s going on in each of our lives.
“Santa knows.” These words might bring fear to the heart of a naughty child hoping to get gifts at Christmas.  “Jesus knows.” These words bring comfort and courage to those who believe in him. They bring comfort because God loves us whether we have been naughty or nice. He doesn’t like it when we do wrong. He hates the sins we commit. But, God loves the sinner. He showed that at the cross.
God knows and has the ability to do something about our situations. He can remove our problems, or he can help us cope with them. Even sin and death are no match for Jesus.
Merry Christmas! Through Christ that’s more than a hollow wish. We can have a merry Christmas because God is on the job. He gives us the best of presents also, his own Son.