Saturday, January 23, 2016


The greatest miracle of all – the gift of God’s Son.

I would like you to pretend, for a moment, that you are an angel. (Now, I know those closest to you might find that hard to believe, but, remember, this is just pretend.)
You’re an angel living in heaven before the time Jesus was born. You’ve been given an assignment by God. The Lord asked you to serve on a special committee. He asks the committee to pick out one miracle to be done on earth and gives the following instructions: ”I want it to be special. It needs to convey my love for the people of the world. It needs to be unforgettable and something that will help everyone.” 
After some discussion, one angel says, “How about raising someone from the dead? Or maybe raising a whole cemetery? That will get their attention.” God says, “Not big enough.” Another angel says, “Make enough food to feed the whole world.”  “No.” God says, “I’m already doing that. Another angel says, “How about curing every one of their illnesses and diseases?”  “That would help a lot of people.” God says, “But, it wouldn’t be long and they would forget I had done it. I’ve seen that sort of thing happen too many times.”
Then an angel says, “How about sending your Son into the world to save the world from sin. He could become one of them. He could suffer and die for them so they might believe in him and have eternal life.”
We know that the angels didn’t come up with the plan of salvation. God devised it or set it up long before the world was created or Adam and Eve had fallen into sin. Nor was the birth of God’s Son the first miracle that God ever performed.
God has done some great miracles in the past.  He created the earth and universe in which we live.  He caused the great flood of Noah’s day which wiped a rebellious people from the earth. He delivered the Israelites from Egypt with ten amazing plagues and then he divided the Red Sea so Israel could cross safely and closed it up on the pursuing armies of the Egyptians.
But, let us never forget that the first and greatest miracle that God has done.  It was the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ as our Savior.  God came into the flesh, to be one of us, to save us from our sins.   God, the maker and ruler of the universe, left the glories of heaven to become one of us, to live with us, and to die for us.  Then he rose from dead and ascended into heaven. He has promised to come back on Judgment Day to judge the living and the dead. “He that believes and is baptized shall be saved. He that believes not shall be damned.” (Mk 16:16.) 
God has the power to do as many miracles as he wants. But, what miracle could be greater than the gift of his own Son as our Savior. It proclaims his love for us. It is unforgettable. It is meant to help everyone.