Monday, March 14, 2016

Christ Promises Success

No one can argue with success. Success breeds success. Proverbs and quotable quotes about success keep multiplying all the time. A pessimist can complain about virtually anything -- except success.We all want to be successful. We all want to be recognized as a success by our friends. But what is success? Is it wealth, power or self-fulfillment? Is it happiness or status? Is it recognition or simply the reaching of one’s goal? Is it all of the above or none of it at all?
Everyone wants to be successful, even Christians. There is nothing wrong with that. As a church we pray for the success of a new mission congregation. We pray for success when someone enters surgery or for a safe delivery of a child when a woman goes into labor.
For one person success might be making the honor roll and for another it might be making it through school. For others it might be making it through the day. Success for the child of God, though it may involve money, power, and happiness can never be judged only in those terms. For Christians, success is not to be found in the eyes of our neighbors who look at us and our lives. It is not to be measured by the number of initials and degrees behind our name nor by the amount of money one has in the bank. It must rather be judged at how God looks at our lives.
Remember when the people stood and scoffed at the dying Jesus. That day was a crowning success to Jesus' 30 year life. But only God knew it at the time. To everyone else he seemed to be a failure. And remember King David's success in gaining his neighbor's wife, Bathsheba. God made it clear through his prophet Nathan that David had suddenly became a miserable failure.
Let's never be fooled into thinking that momentary gains are what success is about. Psalm 1 reminds us that success begins with our attitude toward God. Success involves our attitude toward the way of life that God has mapped out for us in his Word, the Bible.
Psalm one also makes a promise. It says that those who find their joy in studying and obeying the Lord's Word will "succeed in everything they do."
Do you want to be successful? Why not try God's way; after all he offers you an unconditional guarantee of success. Turn to God and his Word. Pick up your Bible and read it. Learn of God's will for your lives. Learn of what he has done for you in Christ. Go to his house for worship. Bend your knee in prayer at his altar. Do this and you can find what so many others are striving so hard to get - success! It is available to everyone who turns to the Lord. In fact, it is guaranteed!