Sunday, September 4, 2016

Jesus loves children!

It's a boy! This week I was blessed with a new grandbaby. Sebastian was born on Tuesday. Healthy and strong! What a miracle and blessing from God! Children are gifts of God to be viewed with awe, loved, and raised with great care.
Most of us love children. Jesus does too. He did not have any of "his own", but he always had time for them. In another sense, we can say that Jesus does have children. Every child that comes into this world is a gift from God. Jesus as our creator and provider has a right to claim ownership to these children. He simply entrusts them to our care for a time but they are really his.
Jesus loves children so much that he established three institutions in our society to care for them. He instituted governments and powers to look out for all those under their care and protection. That means they are to watch out for the physical welfare of the children under their domain. He also established the church to take care of children's spiritual needs. (The recognition of these two distinct areas of responsibility is reflected in the separation of church and state.) God has also instituted the family to be his daily representative and provide for the welfare of both body and soul.
The home is the other and the most important part of the picture. The home is where parents have the best opportunity to be with their children. The home is where the parents come face to face with their responsibilities for the bodily and spiritual welfare of their children.
The spiritual side is by far the most important. We can let the child grow up and decide what they want to believe. Or we can take an active part in training them. We direct their food choices and teach them about the dangers of fire, taking care of their teeth, etc. Helping them to learn about their Savior's love is equally important.
Parenting is no easy task. The pressures to make a living occupy the majority of our time. Then there are duties around the house and the necessity for some relaxation. In the midst of it all there is the training of our children – the children God entrusted to our care.
The question is, "What will you do?" Teach about Jesus and his love for them. Let them learn about sin and their Savior. Teach it in your home. Bring them to Sunday School and church. Don't put it off!