Sunday, October 9, 2016

Every day is a great day for a child of God!

Two boys who went to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. They walked into the office and one of them bravely said, “I want you to take out a tooth but I don’t want you to use any anesthetic because we’re in a hurry.” “You sure are brave,” the dentist said. “Which tooth is it?” The boy then turned to his friend and said, “Show him your tooth, Tommy.”
It’s easy to be brave when it’s someone else who has the problem. We often tell someone who is faced with a difficult situation to “hang in there.” “Things will get better in time,” we say confidently. We give encouragement to those who have lost their job or are struggling financially. “It will all work out in the end,” we quip, “It always does.” It is easy to keep a stiff upper lip when it is someone else who faced with the difficult situation.
It is another story when these problems hit close to home. When it is our phone or power that is going to be shut off because we can’t afford to pay the bill, when we are overdrawn at the bank, when we are waiting for the lab tests to come back, when it is our spouse who has had an affair, it’s not so easy to take things in stride. When it is our child that is sick and in the hospital, when we find out that we have cancer, when we receive word that our loved one has died, we worry and grieve. We wonder what we are going to do. “How will we get through it,” we ask?
It is easy to say that we trust God when everything is going well. When we are healthy and strong, when we have a good job and a happy marriage, when our children do well in school and stay out of trouble, we put our faith in God and trust him to take care of things.  But, when something goes wrong, are we still ready to make this confession? Are we not often quick to show doubts and fears about God’s providence and wisdom? “Why has God let this happen to me?” “What good can come from the loss of my job?” It doesn’t take much for us to lose sight of the promises of God, to forget all that he has promised.

What has he promised? - to be with us always, to help us in time of trouble, to use his angels to watch over us, to turn every tragedy into a blessing, to provide for our needs every day. Need I go on? God’s gracious promises mean that we have nothing to fear or worry about. Even our sins, as terrible as they might be, have been forgiven. We have been washed clean by the blood of the Savior. As a child of God, everyday is a good day, no a GREAT DAY! Every day we can look forward to another day of God’s blessings. Your day may not be easy but with God watching over you, you need not despair. Just put your trust in the Lord and remember his promises.