Meet Pastor Stuppy

Pastor Donald Stuppy, a Michigan native, has been pastor of Our Redeemer from its start. After four years of college and four years of Seminary training, Pastor was assigned to a young church in San Antonio, Texas, where he served for ten years. Pastor then received a call to begin a new church in Hampton Roads. Pastor Stuppy arrived with his family in February of 1985. 

The next few years were spent knocking on doors, searching for a church site, and building up the congregation. The church was constructed in 1991, the parsonage in 1995. Over the years, the congregation has touched many lives as people have come and gone. Through all this time, with the Lord's blessing, the congregation has grown and prospered. It is now a self-supporting congregation and working on plans to expand the facility which it has outgrown. 

Pastor's wife, Marge, is a nurse practitioner. She worked over 20 years at Riverside Hospital and now works for Cardiovascular Center of Hampton Roads. Pastor and Marge met on a blind date while in school. They married in 1973. They've been blessed with five children. 

You can tell Pastor loves preaching and Bible study. He has a good sense of humor and loves his members deeply. Since 1987, he has written weekly articles for the Yorktown Crier-Poquoson Post newspaper. He loves to bowl, play golf, horseshoes and work in the yard. We hope you will come and meet him!

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